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Rug Repair and Restoration Service

Rug repair and restoration is what makes us the number one, rug cleaning company in all of South Florida. You can see from our many images and videos that we employ a large staff of people with skills set to repair and perform a large range of restoration tasks on a rug. We thrive on having a repair room that is equipped with a large variety of wool and natural wool fibers to do any restoration. We also have a large selection of natural dye silk that we buy from suppliers overseas. Our goal is always to do a repair job that goes unnoticed. We invite you to come by our plant and interview us. At Oriental Rug Cleaning Aventura, we care about our customers and we understand that we are not the only rug cleaning service therefore you will do some shopping around. To ensure you are receiving the best offer and service, always be sure to ask the company for their plant address and if you can come by to drop off a rug. You'd be amazed to hear how certain companies will give you the run around when you ask for the address of their plant or shop.

For More Details Call us : 305-354-7677

Rug Cleaning Aventura

Rug Cleaning

Oriental Rug Cleaning Aventura is the service we offer to anyone in the Miami/Aventura area. Our large team of expert rug cleaners are highly trained in the art of washing and repairing rugs. Whether it is a silk or wool...

Rug Color Correction Aventura

Rug Color Correction

If you've ever dropped water on a rug or had a pet that has had an accident on the rug, you might have noticed that the rug colors might have bleed into another lighter color. This is not a big deal for our company...

Rug Customisation Aventura

Rug Customisation

Are you someone who just moved into a brand new home and your favorite rug is too big of your new home? Did you buy a new rug at a favorable price and the problem is that the rug is too big for the room? This is a issue...

For More Details Call us : 305-354-7677